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Tsalal - Gazing into Psilomelane MC

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The seventh release and first of a two part EP set, Gazing into Psilomelane spawned out of the rubble from the utterly demolishing execution of Incarnation of Evil, the culmination of a three part spiritual evolution from personal to impersonal. This full length stripped down mental, spiritual and physical fields to their bloodied bones leaving a post-war circumambulation in its wake. Unlike the total chaos pure unrelenting attack of Incarnation of Evil, Gazing into Psilomelane courses through a twisted detour into increasingly heavy terrain. Detour being the key word here.., Long pounding song structures layered with Demo /Transmutation War conjured noise, this first of a two EP set transcends the aspired confines of live ready command and allows the unfurling of conceptual abominations- yet still with the compositional narrative evoked.. perceived by those attuned to the truths in harsh noise war black metal.

Two songs and a pure warnoisechaos outro totalling 25 minutes.