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Abhyutthan - Live 2022 MC

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Most virile release to date. Audial brutalism and ancient environment march synonymously in this charged live recording.

Hail Kolkata Inner Order Power Electronics

Limited to 44 cassettes.

The words of Kolkata Inner Order Propaganda:

Oppressive thanato-frequencies and orations aimed to manipulate and subjugate the pseudo-ubermensch, the Harsh Power Electronics entity known as Abhyutthan finally reveals the ciphers of audio-visual torment.

On 3rd April 2022, the vessel of Abhyutthan, 73221 initiated a live sermon exclusively for an exclusive gathering, mainly key individuals of Kolkata Inner Order. Abhyutthan recorded its first live offering and injected into 7 indespensible copies.
The live offering contains numerous unreleased hymns, experimental improvised oscillations and previously released oblations.

track 1 intro siren
track 2 0x36 0x31 0x36
track 3 IIII
track 4 improv harsh noise
track 5 pashupati
track 6 777 Damama
track 7 Thackery
track 8 Anushilan Antahkharan
track 9 improv harsh noise
track 10 SunyaSampurna

Line up:
Abhyutthan (অভ্যুত্থান) is 73221 on Vocals and Noise Electronics.

Other Credits:
Recorded by Y.A.
Videography by A.D.
Photography by N.V