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Hellhammer - Apocaylptic Raids CD

Hellhammer - Apocaylptic Raids CD

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The Extreme Metal masterpiece "Apocalyptic raids" by Hellhammer is being re-released in a deluxe re-release edition under the direction of founding member Tom G. Warrior. The CD version comes as a mediabook, has been mastered by V.Santura (Triptykon) with a 2020 mastering and scores with an extensive booklet (24 pages - including liner notes + rare photo material).

Hellhammer only existed for two years, from May 1982 to May 1984. During that time the band wrote material for three demos, a 12" EP and the legendary death metal compilation album. After various initial line-up changes, the band achieved stability in 1983 with ex-Moorhead drummer Bruce Day and ex-Shizo bassist Martin Eric Ain. German label Noise Records was so impressed with the first EP that they offered Hellhammer a three-year record deal. In March 1984 the band took up residence at the Caet Studio on Mehringdamm in Berlin-Kreuzberg and recorded four songs for the Apocalyptic Raids EP and two songs for the forthcoming Noise Records death metal compilation album.

The Apocalyptic Raids 12" EP was a prime example of Hellhammer's contradictory nature. Lyrically, technically and musically, it was a significant step forward. At the same time, the EP was also the antithesis of trends in the contemporary metal scene. "Apocalyptic Raids" was part was heavily criticized in the press for this and in May 1984 Warrior and Ain announced that Hellhammer had reached its musical limit and the concept was too weak to continue, however the Hellhammer name remained a huge influence in the extreme metal scene and the band enjoys it cult status among connoisseurs of the genre.

"Apocalyptic Raids" has developed into an underground standard over the years, the sound of which is low-budget, but also original and uncompromising. Over the decades, the album helped Hellhammer become what is now a mythical metal icon, without the band ever having performed their music live.

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