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Weregoat - The Devil's Lust MLP

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Bestial Black-Death Metal warlords WEREGOAT are back with a new material released on Iron Bonehead Productions. Ritualistic sampling opens the EP before speeding riffs reign a firestorm of seething fury upon us. Barrages of blasting drums and maniacal vocals quickly ensue for a ruthless and visceral display of pure bestial malevolence. There is an injection of Thrash Metal into the Black/Death assault that suits the band gloriously as they unleash a tempest of belligerent sonic artillery with no mercy. Naturally the solos consists more of whammy dives than anything (aside from the last song which has some wickedly sleazy leads) while those militantly stomping hooks add even more momentum to the onslaught. Eerier moments creep in while retaining the savagery building around the EP’s opening moments, truly an unforgiving start and triumphant return from Weregoat.

Released on standard black vinyl, limited to 800 copies. Comes with poster.