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Cremation - Black Death Cult MC (/w patch & sticker)

Cremation - Black Death Cult MC (/w patch & sticker)

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Hailing from Edmonton, AB, CANADA, Cremation was one of the most extreme bands of their time. Heavier, more absurd and without adherence to standard time signatures their expulsion of death metal is far from the reaches of the old school death metal sound or the technical death metal that followed. Cremation is of their own caliber, though some may have the discernment to hear influence of local entities even more obscure and ancient.

The first cassette release of this abominable compilation since the original pressing in 2009, these three demos from '93, '94 & '95 that seal Black Death Cult remain unparalleled to this day.

Drums and vocals by J. Read (Revenge, Conqueror, Axis of Advance)

Each copy comes with a 4.5" x 3" logo patch and sticker.

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