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Evil Wrath/The True Endless/Gromm – Rape Their Souls With Black Metal Wrath CD

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Abhorrent abysmal hymns from 3 black metal-possessed hordes. Evil Wrath strikes with 4 new exclusive tracks. More than 20 minutes of intense and brutal raw anti-human black metal mixed with some old-school death & thrash influences, making this the most blasphemous, destructive and hateful Evil Wrath recording to date. The True Endless presents 4 killer raw black metal rehearsal tracks, captured to celebrate the day 6/6/2006 e.v. All songs have been totally composed and engraved in that mystical night for this rehearsal only and have never been re-recorded or re-released. And last, new blasphemous gathering of psalms from this infamous morbid misanthropic black metallers, Gromm. Obscurant musick illuminated with anti-cosmic light. Released as a great full-coloured digipak CD, including 12-page booklet w/ all lyrics, etc