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Misfits - Static Age CD

Misfits - Static Age CD

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Although 1978’s “Static Age” is the first full-length album ever recorded by the Misfits, it remained unreleased in its entirety until nearly two decades later.

“Static Age” was recorded in 1978 utilizing free studio time provided by Mercury Records. Mercury and the Misfits were both using the name “Blank Records” at the time, (Mercury as an imprint for Pere Ubu and the Misfits as their imprint for the '77 debut single “Cough Cool”). Mercury wanted full ownership of the “Blank” name and offered a barter deal. The Misfits agreed, gave up the “Blank” name to Mercury in exchange for 30 hours of free studio time and the “Static Age” soon began.

Static Age is the only full-length Misfits album to feature the band’s original guitarist Franché Coma and 2nd drummer Mr. Jim, along with co-founders Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig. Far ahead of its time, “Static Age” is one of the truly great punk records bred in the scene of the late 70s, offering a unique blend inherent only in the Misfits. Lost for nearly 20 years, the record is equally potent, if not more so now, than it was upon conception and will hold-up for generations to come.

1.Static Age
2, TV Casualty
3, Some Kinda Hate
4, Last Caress
5. Return of the Fly
6. Hybrid Moments
7. We Are 138
8. Teenagers from Mars
9. Come Back
10. Angelfuck
11. Hollywood Babylon
12, Attitude
13. Bullet
14. Theme for a Jackal
15. She
16. Spinal Remains
17. In the Doorway
18. Unlisted Track
19. Studio Screw Ups

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