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Negación / Sadoghoul - Negative Black Noise MC

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Almost a year after their cacophonic onslaught "Schizochrist", the Heavyweight Tyrants of Black Noise return to once again deep penetrate your sensitive ears.

This time they teamed up with no one less than Osaka legend TOYO, infamous for his contribution in noise raiders ZyanosE and Framtid. His very own satanic ripping combo NEGACIÒN sounds like an 18-year old Nuclear Holocausto vomiting sexual curses in his analogue recorder after overdosing on crystal in his kids room.

Sadoghoul on the other side have not evolved once again, and deliver their spicy recipe of crooked chaos sound, lo-fi worshipping and the brutal abuse of their instruments.

If you love decent music, stay away. This is Extreme Black Noise Terror.

Limited to 111 handnumbered copies on vitriol-pink tape.