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Sadoghoul - Schizochrist MC

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Sadoghoul "Schizochrist" is the result of basement weekends without daylight but with substance abuse
too many Fuzz effects and an overdose of reverb!

Two rabid, tortured voices try to drown each other out
while an aggressive drum chaosbursts into a riffless wallof black noise!

Six songs of disgust and distortion even shorter than in the first demo and even less structure before the final bizarre conjuring leaves you with ultimate confusion!

Sadoghoul once again pay respect to the raw sound displayed in the very first wave of Japanese HC Punk
and Southamerican Deathcore but achieve a sound
way more odd and primitive!

A kick in the face of fine-tuning and modern production!

Black body printed cassette. Comes with a 2-panel J-cad and a fold out poster/booklet and a button.

Limited to 99 hand numbered (in the poster/booklet) copies.