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Sun Worship - Pale Dawn CD

Sun Worship - Pale Dawn CD

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May 2016 sees the release of the much anticipated follow-up to Elder Giants, the debut album by Berlin / Germany based band Sun Worship. Originally meant as digital and limited tape release only, Elder Giants quickly garnered worldwide praise for its successful amalgamation of older Scandinavian and newer North American black metal styles, and has recently been repressed on vinyl for the 4th time.

Following up European tours with artists such as Unru, Ultha and N as well as festival appearances at Roadburn, Incubate, O Tannenbaum Waldfest, CTM and H2Ö, Sun Worship entered Golden Retriever Studios in Berlin with Henner Henzler (of Tonmeisterei fame) on January 1st 2016 to record their second full length album. Pale Dawn further explores the more extreme fringes of their previous material while retaining the bands trademark harsh melodic ferocity, atmosphere, and momentum, charged by exceptionally frantic yet organic and musical drumming which acts as an equal instrument alongside the dual guitars and vocals.

If the underlying subjects of Elder Giants were the Earth and our solar system, Pale Dawn rears its head to gaze into the fatal beauty of the cosmos beyond, conceptually referencing kosmische Musik and the Berlin School of electronic music, manifesting the influence of Manuel Göttsching as being as important for the band as Mayhem, Mount Eerie, and Moondog. Musically both more accessible and hermetic, more minimalist and complex at the same time than its predecessor, Pale Dawn sees Sun Worship confidently exploring new levels of an intense musical expression which increasingly becomes their own.

The intentionally unpolished and dynamic recording was mastered at Enormous Door, while the exquisite artwork, design and packaging was once more expertly taken care of by Raoul Mazzero aka View From The Coffin.

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