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Tsalal - Incarnation of Evil Special Edition MC

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"It became because it already was
The glorious crown of power
Imbedded before birth
Golden eyes upon the golden throne"

- Golden Eyes Upon the Golden Throne

The sixth release and first full length album for TSALAL. 14 tracks, 55 minutes long.

Special Edition cassette package includes
-1 17.5 x 8.5" poster of gatefold album cover
-1 large red and black logo sticker
-1 small white and black logo sticker
-1 small black and white logo sticker
-1 TSALAL/War Vellum Harsh War Noise Black Metal matchpack
-42 page art/lyric/initiation book - contains 14 painting song illustrations plus the cover and an article on initiation through darkness written by D.N.E. and originally published last year.