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Witchcraft – Bestial Vociferation MC

Witchcraft – Bestial Vociferation MC

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Finland’s WITCHCRAFT have spent the past decade unleashing a series of demos and splits that feature some of the most diabolical black and death metal to emerge in years. In the vein of legends such as BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY and BARATHRUM, WITCHCRAFT play raw, bestial black metal with a total devotion to darkness, from the uncompromising brutality of their music to the necrotic quality of the recordings themselves. NWN! Productions is proud to present “Bestial Vociferation,” a compilation of previously unreleased rehearsal and demo recordings from 2015-2018. These tracks display an unnerving ferocity from a band who does not simply mimic their influences but injects a manic intensity into the music that makes them worthy successors to the aforementioned hordes. The vocals are exceptionally barbaric, adding a thick layer of cruelty to the already violent atmosphere inherent in the music. The occasional moan of funereal organ further enhances the aura of pure evil, solidifying WITCHCRAFT’s status as one of the most devastating bestial black metal bands today. Featuring tracks from the rehearsals “Necro Molestation,” “Nightmare Goetia,” “Walpurgisatanacht” as well as two demo tracks, “Bestial Vociferation” is a document of a group who truly comprehends the infernal nature of their medium.

Pro-duplicated black shell cassette imprinted on white ink and 6 panel full colour Jcard insert , printed on heavy matte stock paper. Layout has been designed by the WITCHCRAFT Temple.

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