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Immolation - Failures for Gods CD

Immolation - Failures for Gods CD

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This is perhaps one of the sickest yet ignored masterpiece to have ever been produced by Immolation.

Featuring tight, punishing musicianship addled with murky production, Failures for Gods served as a strong reminder that Death Metal crafted by these New Yorkers is still unchallenged by many a peer. 

Ross Dolan vocals are as amazing as ever; he sounded like the devil himself, roaring for sinful souls to join him in one way journey to Hell.

There is something about lyrics penned by Immolation that captivates me the most; their ability to channel a highly concentrated assault against religious establishment, Christianity in particular simply goes beyond anticipation. The lyrics are something to contemplate, something to think about without being too generic or bland.

Failures for Gods is an instant classic, a must have album for Diehard Death Metal fans.

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