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Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten CD

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Here is the almighty debut album from Brutal Death Metal pioneers, Suffocation. Suffocation were probably the first Brutal Death Metal band out of Long Island, which would be an uncommon place for Death Metal bands at the time until they debuted, which would later start the "Long Island Brutal Death Metal scene" spawning in acts like Dehumanized, Afterbirth, Pyrexia, and Internal Bleeding. This album is a true classic, from the Scott Burns production to the Dan Seagrave artwork. The band released their debut album around the same time where Death Metal bands were starting to get their footing and really creating their own style. These guys took the standard sound of Death Metal and took it to a level unseen before and executed it perfectly. They added a sense of brutality and technicality to the genre, which would eventually popularize genres like Brutal Death Metal and Technical Death Metal in years to come.