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Asphyx - Incoming Death CD

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With `Incoming Death`, the ninth studio album is in the starting blocks, which, in addition to fast, sometimes crisp and short attacks (`Candiru`, `Incoming Death`), also offers true doom monsters with dark guitar melodies (`The Grand Denial`, `Death: The Only Immortal`). In between there are sizzling mid-tempo stompers like `Division Brandenburg`, `The Feeder` or the numbers `It Came From The Skies` or `Wildland Fire` peppered with Slayer references. The stylistic corset of ASPHYX is 666% old school and all musical loosening is of course far from crazy experiments, but that's exactly what frontman Martin van Drunen, guitarist Paul Baayens, bassist Alwin Zuur and drummer Husky are all about: pure, devastating, unadulterated Death Metal! You'll overdose on 'Incoming Death'!