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Asphyx - Last One on Earth CD

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It's sludgy, heavier than hell and, nothing more or less than what you would expect from Asphyx. The production is extremely beefy and raw adding to the crushing nature of the riffs which this album hammers out like it's nothing. There is no flashy guitar wanking here so this is not for fans of technical music. Instead, Asphyx brings a much more simple, catchy and barbaric style of death metal in the vein of Autopsy for example. This is Death Doom and the title track absolutely defines the style but this album is not void of fast and thrashing tracks like serenade in lead. Martin Van Drunen's vocals are completely sick and very unique, the only words I can think of to describe them are the sounds of souls being burnt in hell. Last one on earth is a barbaric and pummeling Death metal album that should be experienced by all fans of pure sludgy and riff heavy Death metal!!!!