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Black Eucharist - Inn of the Vaticide LP

Black Eucharist - Inn of the Vaticide LP

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On June 23rd internationally, Stygian Black Hand is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of America's Black Eucharist, Inn of the Vaticide, on vinyl LP and cassette tape formats.

Originally under the moniker Black Ejaculate, Black Eucharist began in 2018 with the sole purpose of blasphemy and ridicule of Nazareth's infamous liar who shat himself upon the cross. After a name change in 2021, Black Eucharist return with darkness and evil to continue where they left off, following in the footsteps of their USBM predecessors Profanatica, Demoncy, VON, and Masochist among others: Biblical dejection, phallic corruption, and holy profanation manifest in the utterings of this treacherous triumvirate.

At long last unleashing their first full-length, Inn of the Vaticide, the power-trio of drummer Shemhamforash (Blood Ouroboros, Graven Hag), vocalist/guitarist Infestor (Demiser, Primitive Warfare), and bassist Gravepisser (Demiser) proceed to blow the floodgates open with a vile stream of viscera and effluvium. As a debut album, Inn of the Vaticide does what it should: carrying forward the sound & style as set forth on a demo and then adding new vulgarity & violence, hammering home the message with both authority and daresay swagger. Truly, Black Eucharist add to and elevate their noble influences, stylistically slotting among the aforementioned but never fully feasting on the corpse of the past. Imagination and perversity are in equal supply here.

So, all deviants and perverts, antagonists and maniacs: witness the debut full-length of Black Eucharist as they revile the scum-born charlatan whose treachery still befouls his flock! A full 40 minutes of profanation, desecration, and impiety will flood your ears with the lamentation of the "virgin" and her duplicitous progeny! Inn of the Vaticide is a VICIOUS MOCKERY OF THE MEEK!

Black Vinyl limited to 200 copies.

Purple Vinyl limited to 100 copies.

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