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Ch'ahom - Camazotz Cult CD

Ch'ahom - Camazotz Cult CD

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Brace yourself for an intense & merciless journey into the untamed wilderness of ancient lost civilizations and Immerse yourself in ancient savage rituals with Ch'ahom's bone - chilling demo compilation on noble digipack CD, spanning all the band's long sold out tapes from 2016 to 2021.

The German Ritualistic Black/Death metal warlords delve into the dark depths of history, exploring the gruesome human sacrifices made to appease the dreaded Mayan Bat God by blood & suffering.

Drawing inspiration from the sacred scriptures of civilizations foregone as well as unholy cults like BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, SARCÓFAGO, PROCLAMATION & SADOMATOR Ch'ahom unleashes a relentless auditory assault that captures the brutal essence of the prehistoric meso-american cultures.

Brought to you by a trans-atlantic alliance between SENTIENT RUIN LABORATORIES & ICONOCLASM CONQVEST.

- Silver Printed High Quality Digipack CD on 325g cardboard.

- Limited to 500 copies.

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