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Ossuary – Forsaken Offerings CD

Ossuary – Forsaken Offerings CD

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After 4 long years, finally a new grueling sign of death from US-based old school death/doom metal maniacs OSSUARY.
2 new songs of monolithic riff-crafting metal of death plus a cover from US cult-band GOATLORD.

As bonus, there will also be the full Cremation Ritual demo as well as the second release Supreme Degradation on this CD-compilation.

jewel-case CD, 8-page booklet

Forsaken Offerings
1. Forsaken Offerings To The Doomed Spirit
2. The Undrownable Howl Of Evil
3. Chicken Dance (GOATLORD)
Supreme Degradation
4. Lured by Cadence of Wraiths
5. Bestial Triumph
6. Supreme Degradation
7. Seep into the Moldering Void
Cremation Ritual
8. Retributive Maiming
9. Cremation Ritual
10. Execration Hymn
11. Gaping Mental War-Wound

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