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Prophetic Suffering - Demonstration MMXXII MC

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Canadian bestial death metal tormentors Prophetic Suffering arise from the wretched and famed Edmonton, Alberta extreme metal scene with their debut offering, the "Demonstration MMXXII" demo tape, four tracks, twelve minutes, and twenty seven seconds of absolute war mongering terror. Spewn from the same geographical wasteland that has nurtured such abominations as Revenge, Antediluvian (of whom Tim Grieco mixed and mastered the work), Rites of Thy Degringolade, Weapon, etc., Prophetic Suffering seem to fall precisely in the tradition of their Canadian scene with their weaponized and feral glorification of negativity, yet what transpires from these four bludgeoning tracks is also a penchant for exalting the band's masterful wielding of certain US death metal influences reminiscent of animalistic and brutal pioneers like Deicide, Immolation, Drawn and Quartered, Imprecation and other dark 90's US death metal with violent and dark inclinations.