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Summoning - Minas Morgul CD

Summoning - Minas Morgul CD

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By fans often called the "real" debut-album by austrian legends Summoning.

Back then this album was a surprise for every listener, who expected the same approach like on "Lugburz".
Compared to the raw nordic black metal the band is celebrating there, it is a totally new band presented on "Minas Morgul".
The two main things that yet remained the same are the Lyrics based on writings by J. R. R. Tolkien and Silenius' extreme black metal shrieking.

This album will enchant you and take you into the deepest dungeons of Minas Morgul, where all hope is lost.

The front illustration of the album was taken from Mark Harrison's cover painting for Roger Taylor's The Call of the Sword (1988) novel.
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