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Ultha - All That Has Never Been True DLP

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"All That Has Never Been True" concludes a trilogy that includes the albums "Converging Sins" (2016) and "The Inextricable Wandering" (2018). Thematically, the album deals with the process of dying, or rather the seven stages that lead to this process in advance. Each song illuminates one of these stages. Perfect music for the beginning of spring. But what else would you have expected from a band that delivers leaden stomach food with every release. Musically, "All That Has Never Been True" represents the logical progression to the EPs "Belong" and "Floors of Heaven". Since both EPs are among the best releases that Depressive Black Metal has produced in recent years, is actually clear where ULTHA's journey is going on the new album.

Anyone who is already familiar with the work of ULTHA will by no means regret a blind purchase of this album. With this they crown their already impressively high-quality discography with a true highlight. But if you haven't heard of ULTHA yet, you'll probably think of sadly dying Depressive Black Metal based on the topic alone. Not even close. ULTHA play melodic Black Metal with a dark atmosphere that is as dense as the high fog of Scotland. Without beating around the bush, they manage to pull the listener under an enigmatic spell that is hard to escape from. SUN WORSHIP (whose guitarist also plays with ULTHA) might still create comparable quality in Germany at the moment. As with SUN WORSHIP, one riff cascades after another without ever sounding overloaded or unnecessarily “brutal”. And so the hour of "All That Has Never Been True" flies by. ULTHA have not only presented their best album to date, but also presented an early Black Metal highlight for 2022.

Comes with two printed innersleeves and 16 pages, coversized booklet