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Ultha - Forget Everything And Remember - The Lost And Obscure DCD

Ultha - Forget Everything And Remember - The Lost And Obscure DCD

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"Forget Everything and Remember - The Lost And Obscure" is a compilation of all compilation entries, all EPs, splits, the demo and the Live @ Roadburn recordings from Ultha.

Uncompromising black metal that feeds on hardcore, doom and post metal.

Released as a double CD via Vendetta. After the brief excursion to Century Media with the album "The Inextricable Wandering" (2018), Ultha have found their way back to the Berlin black metal specialists Vendetta with the EP "Belong" and the album "All That Has Never Been True".

For years the band has belonged to the elite of international black metal bands. The band, made up of members of Planks and Goldust, is known for their heavy, uncompromising black metal. Fourth Generation Black Metal? Or fifteen? Who's counting? Wolves In The Throne Room, Ash Borer or Deaf Heaven have recently shaped the North American sector, as they have introduced even more new young audiences to the extreme types of games. They are celebrated for interweaving with other genres of metal, doom and post-rock. But Ultha are not a band that just jumps on the trend.

Tracks 1&2 taken from the "Floors Of Heaven" EP (2020)
Track 3 taken from the 2nd split w. Morast (2019)
Track 4 taken from the "Dismal Ruins II" EP (2018)
Track 5 taken from the split w. Paramnesia (2017)
Track 6&7 taken from the "Dismal Ruins I" EP (2016)
Track 8 taken from the 1st split w. Morast (2016)
Tracks 9&10 taken from the "Rehearsal Demos MMXIV/MMXV" (2015)
Tracks 11-13 taken from the tape "Woe Over Roadbrun" (2017)

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