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Angel Death - Memoirs of Death - The History 1986-1995...2021 CD

Angel Death - Memoirs of Death - The History 1986-1995...2021 CD

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Hailing from Rieti, central Italy, ANGEL DEATH is one of the most feared and ancient names in the Italian Death Metal scene, formed in 1984 and active until 1995.

This total discography collection is a dream-come-true for a lot of infernal maniacs that for years have hoped to see all the ominous recordings of this band collected on one release. Malicious, satanic Death/Black assault of the most aggressive form! CD compiling their entire discography 1985-1996 including their "Death to Christianity" Demo 1986, s/t Demo 1991, "Gore (Blood of war)" EP (1992), "Exorcisin' the pain / Desire for immortality" EP (1993) and bonus tracks..

A total overview on their bloody history starting with their raw and primitive first Demo and developing into a grinding assault of merciless brutality topped by those seriously disturbing vocals oozing a feeling of ruthlessness and pure evil.

Death to Christianity | demo 1986
01. Intro
02. Angel of Death
03. Disaster
04. Bestial Attack

Demo 1991 | demo 1991
05. Desire for Immortality
06. Dystrophobic Recusion
07. Grind Affection
08. Neurophagia
09. War Without Mercy
10. Die..

Gore (Blood Of War) | 7" 1992
11. Gore (Blood Of War)
12. Genious Fall

Exorcisin' The Pain / Desire For Immortality | 7" 1993
13. Exorcisin' The Pain
14. Desire For Immortality

Screams From Italy | CD Compilation 1994
15. Until The Sacrifice

bonus tracks | 2021
16. Witches Celebrate
17. Sell Your Soul
18. ...from the Deep...

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