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Bolt Thrower - Mercenary CD

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Bolt Thrower are the Death Metal, War Machine, their crater-deep, voluminous sound rolls over the listener and mercilessly flattens everything - like a tank. No other band in the genre can come up with such a heavy intensity. The Englishmen's recipe for success is: "Concentrate on the essentials." So you will never hear endless guitar solos with this formation. What for? When heavy riff massacres that grind your brain and heart are much more gripping...

Mercenary, the sixth longplayer, is the powerful rebirth of the death metal legend after a forced four-year break and is also probably the last release with grunt wonder Karl Willet on the mic. The album shines through excellent songwriting, because then the record is so catchy that it grabs you after the first listen, and the long player is also incredibly durable because it doesn't wear out. A must buy!