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Cave to Hades - Flammable, We are All! MC

Cave to Hades - Flammable, We are All! MC

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In essence this is the follow up to 2021's D.N.E. - Inverted Paradox Existence. Soul entrenching noise built out of riffs layered so heavily they become chaos and drums.

Releasing under my own name did not sit well with me, so from now on the 'D.N.E.' noise releases will be released under Cave to Hades.

Inverted Paradox Existence was composed as an ode to the live shows, starting with the first ones which were less layered and more droning, and escalating from there to include snare, guitar, etc. Cave to Hades disrobes from the confines of this pacing and ignites ablaze.

73 minutes of sacrificial burning!!

Standard edition limited to 50 copies only

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