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Control Poison - Spectres Of Control MC

Control Poison - Spectres Of Control MC

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Amidst the clutter of half a century of underground culture, Control Poison carved out their own niche of Paranoia Punk. While one can certainly single out the impact of Japanese Punk (GiSM, Zouo, S.D.S.) on their general approach, Control Poison also incorporated the darker and more unhinged aspects of 80s Metal as well as the cicadian sibilance of battered electronica into their most recent release. "Electro-Gloom" conjures up a hallucinatory mechanical and yet corporeal soundscape constantly bursting asunder in cascades of metallic riffs, psychotronic beats, a spectral but pummeling bass and deranged howls. These are the sizzling sounds for this new senile age.

Strange Punk Transmissions received between 2018-2021 and recorded in the winter of our discontent in 2021.

Limited to 66 handnumbered copies.

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