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Envenomed - Manifest of the Primordial Essence CD

Envenomed - Manifest of the Primordial Essence CD

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After almost 10 years of inactivity, ENVENOMED is back with their first full length titled “Manifest of the Primordial Essence”.

The band formed in 2010 in Santiago defines their sounds as an influence of the primitive and raging of the death thrash acts from the 80s/90s. “Total Possession" (Demo 2012) and "Maleficent Supreme Incarnation" (EP 2014) complete their full discography in 10 years of existence, charged with violence and hate against humanity.

About the album, "Manifest of the Primordial Essence" contains eight tracks that reflect the absolute intention of transcending to a philosophy of hate and the destruction of existence through the most incredible darkness.

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