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Gorath - Invocation of the Ancient Beast LP + Panoptikon Zine

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Compilation of the four GORATH demos written and performed by Usurper, embryo of the entity which shortly after became PROCLAMATION.

- Reverse-board printed jacket with 4mm spine.Flood printing black on inside

-12 pages A4 booklet printed with liner notes and visual aggression from the early days, printed on 170 grams offset paper and 250 grams cover.

- Bonus reprint of the PANOPTIKON fanzine (40 A4 pages, printed on 170 grams offset paper and 250 grams cover) co-published in 2003 by Usurper during the GORATH day. Includes in depth interviews with bands such as Profanatica, Primigenium, Antaeus, Sadogoat, Unholy Archangel, Decayed, cult of Daath, Black Witchery, Deviant, Derketa, Acheron, Nästrond, Goatvomit, Mystifier, Exterminate and Morbosidad

Black Vinyl