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Harvest Gulgaltha - Ancient Woods CD

Harvest Gulgaltha - Ancient Woods CD

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Beware of Harvest Gulgaltha's upcoming new album titled 'Ancient Woods'! Hypnotic, cold and murky death metal of ancient spirits! Darkness, anxiety and fear, and this is just the beginning....

‘Ancient Woods,’ HARVEST GULGALTHA’s sophomore full-length released through GoW, is an album based on the essence of credible obscure occult death metal. The musical elements combine menacing death metal with a more primitive form of mid tempo black metal—with heavy doom elements finding their way into this extreme melting pot. The result is an album that captures the audial essence of necromancy, inspired by historic research, occult grimoires and even film.

After forming in 2011, HARVEST GULGALTHA made their presence known in 2012 with their ‘I’ demo tape. After a string of releases, which include the vinyl reissue of the demo, a compilation of EPs, and their debut ‘Altars Of Devotion,’ HARVEST GULGALTHA are ready to emerge from profane obscurity by providing the underground with potent, mysterious and atmospheric extreme metal.

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