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Immolation - Close to a World Below CD

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Immolation’s trajectory proved to be somewhat difficult. From thrashy beginnings in the late 1980s, their debut, 1991’s ‘Dawn of Possession’ was a promisingly morbid slab of old school death metal. But this was the early 1990s. And Immolation fell victim to the metal purge the music industry was performing on itself after the excesses of the previous decade. Their label Roadrunner Records kicked them off the roster in favour of a more nu metal direction. Left in the wilderness for a few years they returned in 1996 with ‘Here in After’, a unique slab of dissonant polyrhythmic death metal that has aged superbly. After this time they became masters of consistency, and 2000’s ‘Close to a World Below’ remains the gem of their discography.