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Manzer - Impious Invocation of Ebalus CD

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Third album by the "Pictavian Bastards", for maniaks of the ancient Black Metal style from the 80's. They're back with a more evil and primitive approach, still with some Punk and Rock'n'Roll touches. The album features 7 own tracks, including a 15 minutes epic one, and a BATHORY cover song. Influenced by VENOM, SABBAT, BATHORY, ABIGAIL, ATOMIZER, CARNIVORE, NME, BULLDOZER, VULCANO, IMPALED NAZARENE, MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN... MANZER's lyrics are about Satan, alcohol, sex, Pictavia and blasphemy. Two songs have been written in Pictavian language (called Parlanjhe), a tradition in each of their releases. Artwork by Mario Lopez