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Morgue - Lowest Depths of Misery CD

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These twisted French purveyors of relentlessly aggressive and hyper intense death metal turned out to be a real fucking delight and a very cool surprise to yours truly. With an immensely powerful sound and a pitch-black aura reminiscent of one’s worst possible nightmare, the talented duo tear through their pummeling yet incredibly atmospheric compositions with gusto and intent. The nasty vocals are as inhuman as they come, and the vortex of sick and dissonant riffs are bound to make your head swirl. In addition, everything is tightly executed throughout, and each song possesses charisma and identity, which essentially means that this overwhelmingly hard-hitting opus never loses its sharp edge or momentum. The majestic and fierce ‘Safe in Gods Care’ is a work of genius that every death metal/death grind fanatic needs to experience. Very impressive underground filth!