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Necrodeath / Ghost Rider - Back To The Abyss CD

Necrodeath / Ghost Rider - Back To The Abyss CD

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This is the infamous "Back to the Abyss" demo collection of NECRODEATH and GHOSTRIDER.

It includes NECRODEATH's legendary Demo "The shining pentagram" (1985) and GHOSTRIDER's "Mayhemic destruction" Demo 1984 adding 4 extra rehearsal trax 1984. NECRODEATH's demo trax here are one of the highest expressions of 80s black/thrash metal and this is where it all begun for Italy's extreme metal scene, along with BULLDOZER, SCHIZO and a few more.

Sound quality here is way better compared to the cassette and the many digital rips around. GHOSTRIDER is the hellish Blacking Thrash Metal horde that generated NECRODEATH, in few words the pre-NECRODEATH combo. Infernal thrash till total death from 1984, recommended both to Metal/Punk maniacs (this makes TOXIC HOLOCAUST and similar acts pale!) and fans of VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SABBAT (Jpn), early DESTRUCTION and raw, cavernous horror!

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