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Nifelheim – Nifelheim MC

Nifelheim – Nifelheim MC

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NIFELHEIM`s self-titled debut from 1995 has rightfully garnered the band much praise in the underground.

Spawned at a time when myriads of bands were hopping on the bandwagon of nice black metal with cheesy keyboards and female vocals, this slab of abrasive old-school metal felt like a much-needed bold Fuck you.

Aptly titled songs like “Black curse”, “Sodomizer” or “Satanic Sacrifice” relentlessly grab for the throat.

NIFELHEIM`s amalgam of pummeling riffs occassionally interspersed with wailing solos, the vocalist`s demented shrieks resembling a rabid animal and the barbarous pounding drums make for one hell of a timeless debut.

Now, after almost 30 years since this mean masterpiece was initially brought forth from the bowels of hell it sees its long-overdue re-release on limited music cassette.

Black tape with a 4 panel j-card.

Limited to 300 copies.

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