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Nightfell - Never comes the storm CD

Nightfell - Never comes the storm CD

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Portland, Oregon-based doom metal duo Nightfell had more in the tank after their long-awaited third full-length ‘A Sanity Deranged‘ reprised a notably heavy death/doom metal sound and creeping melodic bent in 2019, pure relief for the fan beyond a half-decade or
so respite. It’d been one of the more notable blackened death/doom metal
records of said year and one I’d reviewed favorably alongside a bit of
fumbled-through band history and such. Naturally the slim distance between then
and now means their fourth full-length, ‘Never Comes the Storm‘, will
inevitably be read and writ in likeness and/or response to its direct
predecessor and this is arguably fair in both cases, in tandem even, but none
should mistake this record for a quasi-sequel. The rhythmic legacy of
mid-to-late nineties Bolt Thrower is yet in their muscle memory alongside
funeral death/doom’s mournful resonances, the dark shade of tragedian
melodicism inherent to the duo’s work sustains with undeniably brilliancy, and
all of the toppling atmospheric dread they are known for hammers down just as
hard. The argument for iteration upon core concept in refinement weighs as
heavy as the riffs do in this case yet I’d deign to make the argument that the
soul is changed, decaying with the passage of time as we find a next stage of
dissolution emergent within these somber meditations.

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