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Pale Spektre - Bereft of Xerotic Layers CD

Pale Spektre - Bereft of Xerotic Layers CD

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Pale Spektre is a brand-new creation among three entities. While those three individuals hail from other bands, Pale Spektre is indeed its own beast - a hungry, hideous one arising from the most feral depths of the black metal imagination. Their first public recording, Bereft of Xerotic Layers bursts forth with a bestial energy, but one far more animalistic (and even improvisatory) than conventional "bestial metal." Indeed, the trio's hulking attack seemingly strikes, swirls, and recoils of its own accord, creating a slipstreaming delirium that's transcendental and tension-inducing in equal measure. The specter of primitive, barbaric DOOM is never far away - or rather, always in striking distance - as Pale Spektre pile high these jagged, coruscating layers...only to obliterate and rearrange them at will. The album's seven-song/46-minute duration thus becomes a sanity-searing experience, and Pale Spektre emerge as altered beasts.

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