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Sacroscum - Drugs & Death CD

Sacroscum - Drugs & Death CD

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 Ever aptly titled, Drugs & Death is a scourge upon one's sanity and sanctity, a blackhole blight that swallows you whole. Sacroscum aren't fucking around. Sacroscum was formed in 2015 by J. and SS.

After playing music together for a long time and trying to create something unique, the duo mixed influences of Darkthrone, early Celtic Frost, Discharge, Skitsystem, Inquisition, and everything they thought would be fitting. Combined with utterly hateful lyrics and a healthy disdain for most of you, Sacroscum was born. Thus armed, Sacroscum soon transcended musical means and become a philosophy for the two, which can be broken down thusly.

Nine anti-anthems, 41 minutes of foulness, Sacroscum never stop the madness, and heartily encourage you to finally drink yourself to death but with a smile on your face. "Do it..

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