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Secret Tongues - Ancient Hexcraft Evoked CD

Secret Tongues - Ancient Hexcraft Evoked CD

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Summon Forth The Bestial Darkness Within With The Collected Spells Of The Notorious Black Doom Cult From The Misty And Fog-Ridden Witchrealms Of Northern Germany. 

Prepare For A Sonic Journey Through The Depths Of The Underworld, Featuring the  "Path to Apotheosis" Demo Tape, Alongside All Sacrificial Rituals From The Split Releases  With Fellow Cultists And Grave Desecrators  Of Prehistoric War Cult And Nameless Tomb.

But That's Not All - This CD Compilation Also Includes An Unreleased Track, Previously Unheard By Mortal Ears. 

Don Your Blackest Robes And Prepare For The Descent Into Total Madness.   

But Be Warned: Once You Enter This  Forbidden Realm, There Is No Escape...

"...And You Will Face The Sea Of  Darkness, And All Therein That May Be Explored..."

Limited to 300 copies

FFO Beherit, Necro Schizma, Xantotol, early Barathrum, Mephistopheles, Samael.

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