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Stenched – Gorging On Mephitic Rot MCD

Stenched – Gorging On Mephitic Rot MCD

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Gestated in 2023, STENCHED emanate from the sewers of the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico. There, Adrián - the band's only member, who's also in Impending Rot and Excretory - released their first demo, Gorging on Mephitic Rot first digitally and then on CD.

The atmosphere of death and decay can be smelled from the first seconds of this recording. The muddy sound, the barbaric riffs, the gross art, and the primitive lyrics are a tribute to everything that surrounds the underground circuit where the death metal genre began in the '90s. STENCHED is about death, putridity, and gore: simple as that.<br><br>Now seeing release on vinyl and including two exclusive bonus tracks, Gorging on Mephitic Rot totals 24 minutes of filthy and heavy-as-fuck DEATH METAL! Caveman vocals and skull-crushing drums will remind maniacs of the first (and best) recordings of such bands as Demilich, Rottrevore, and early Undergang. FOLLOW THE STENCH.

Limited to 200 copies.

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