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Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear CD

Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear CD

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Stratosfear marks the beginning of the development away from their sequencer-driven sound toward a more melodic one.
Surprisingly the band used acoustic instruments like harpsichord, acoustic guitars, grand piano and mouth organ but also a new Project electronic rhythm computer played by Peter Baumann.

It was one of the most complicated and nerve-wrecking TD production, as there were lots of technical and musical issues. Master tapes at times disappeared from the studio, finished tracks were mysteriously erased and the mixing console finally went up in smoke. Nick Mason of Pink Floyd did the original mix at Hansa Studios. Due to disputes between the band and Mason, this mix was never officially released.

Newly re-mastered from the orginal master tapes, includes bonus tracks "Conventry Channel" (The original film soundtrack), "Stratosfear" and "The Big Sleep in Search of Hades".

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