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Tempel Wolf - Hirschgeweihmaskeraden LP

Tempel Wolf - Hirschgeweihmaskeraden LP

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First incantations of Tempel Wolf date back to the year 2016, when Urgeist and Kellermeister descended into the transcendental depths of the foaming northern sea and the raging winds of the northern hemisphere to bring their ideas to life musically.
Frivolous V. Knüppelknecht joined the project to enrich the evocations with his wild flailing and thunderous stomping. The esteemed Menetekel (Ungfell) left some ornate inscriptions in the wall of sound and contributed significantly to the completion of the mix alongside the arcane Karapan Darvish, who also handled the editing of the master.

Musically, inspirations from atmospheric Icelandic and US black metal, enriched with an oddball pinch of folk, death and punk, merge into a massive yet fragile, billowing soundscape.

Thematically, Tempel Wolf draws inspiration from journeys up to the far north, elements of mythology and rites of ancient cultures.

Born of fire.

Black Vinyl, Includes insert and A2 poster, featuring Urgeist (Kvelgeyst, Urgeist) and Knüppelknecht (Kvelgeyst, Ungfell, Dakhma...)

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