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Toadeater - Bexadde CD

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With 4 abyssal downward spirals, BEXADDE is approaching the concept of the unconditional acceptance of painful truths, dragging you down into the depths of dealing with uncertainties, hopelessness and aporia. BEXADDE is a culmination of irresolvable internal contradictions, unbearable thoughts, unrelenting obsessions, and thereof, a chronic condition of excruciating anxiety.
Musically, completely unimpressed by any imposed expectations, Toadeater are creating a nightmarish black metal setting, combining atmosphere and aggressiveness, with visceral fury, primal emotions and a sinister intensity that refuses to subordinate to average genre-normatives.

Recorded and mixed by Andy Rosczyk (Goblin Sound Studio / Cologne).
Mastered in Oakland by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden.

The matching and awe-inspiring Cover-artwork „Beholding the complexity of death“ was created by Rafael Pascuale Zamora.