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Triumph Of Death – Resurrection Of The Flesh MC

Triumph Of Death – Resurrection Of The Flesh MC

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Even though the band HELLHAMMER only existed for 2 years (1982-1984), the band has achieved an almost mystical status. During this time the band wrote three demos, a 12″ EP (Apocalyptic Raids) and the legendary death metal compilation album, as well as a number of unrecorded songs. Reviving HELLHAMMER’s music was an idea that Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain had discussed for many years, sparked by their renewed collaboration with the reformed CELTIC FROST in the 2000s. The first steps towards the realization of TRIUMPH OF DEATH, named after Hellhammer’s most famous song and intended as a very respectful and authentic tribute to HELLHAMMER, were finally taken in 2014, and the band was officially founded in autumn 2019. TRIUMPH OF DEATH is made up of people who not only love this music, but also really understand it. This debut live album is HELLHAMMER at its most primal and vital, alive on stage and a document of what extreme metal fans around the world have experienced since the band’s inception. The album was recorded at three festival appearances in 2023 in Houston (USA), Munich (GER) and Barroselas (PT).

MC limited to 500 white tapes, 6 panel J-card.

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