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Ultha - The Inextricable Wandering CD

Ultha - The Inextricable Wandering CD

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With just two concept albums, the 2015 album "Pain Cleanses Every Doubt" and its follow-up "Converging Sins" from 2016, as well as a few split and EP releases, the Cologne black metal band Ultha has taken the scene by storm.

With the will to be different and creative vision, Ultha have already achieved a goal that hardly any other band from this sometimes quite stubborn genre achieves: to create unique, fresh and harsh as well as beautiful black metal art. Now something new is coming to us from Cologne with the aptly titled third album "The Inextricable Wandering": Black Metal frenzy, heavy Doom heaviness and Dark Wave gloom are perfectly combined here.

With "The Inextricable Wandering" Ultha climb the steps to the Extreme Metal Olymp while at the same time musically plunging themselves into a maelstrom of darkness of the mind. A scary ride into an abyss of omnipresent fear, constant disappointment and overwhelming melancholy.

With six songs and a total playing time of over 66 minutes, "The Inextricable Wandering" is the perfect soundtrack for dark days and lost souls.

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