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Unleashed - Where no life dwells CD

Unleashed - Where no life dwells CD

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Back in the late 80ies, a Swedish underground death metal band named Nihilist turned into the breeding ground from which two big players of the genre emerged: Entombed and UNLEASHED. Together with Grave and Dismember (R.I.P.), these bands are crucial for turning the punkish Scandinavian death metal sound into a global phenomenon, defining and refining its stylistics, and making it a successful genre to the very day. Parallel to records by Asphyx, Tiamat, Grave, and Morgoth, UNLEASHED's debut album "Where No Life Dwells" was one of many alltime-classics of death metal released in 1991

Includes seven additional tracks recorded in 1990 for the "...And the Laughter has Died..." EP, the "In the Eyes of Death" Compilation and two unreleased tracks from the same session

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