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Wampyric Rites/Funeral Fullmoon - Spectral Shadows of The Forgotten Castle CD

Wampyric Rites/Funeral Fullmoon - Spectral Shadows of The Forgotten Castle CD

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Hailing from the decadent mysticism of the South American continent, twin torrents of squalid vampyric ichor seeping from immortal black fangs, shambles and slaughters those entities of the eternal nocturnal known by titles of Wampyric Rites and Funeral Fullmoon. With both of these nosferatu noctuaries coming into existence in the age of 2019, their own takes on the most raw of vampyric black metal complementing each in perfection of victim drain destitution, it was only a matter of time before the prophecies of their darkest stars aligned in constellations of the most accursed conspiracies. Thus it would be that in the sordid of shadow, hidden from the flames and fears of the mortal folk, that the Spectral Shadows of the Forgotten Castle would be constructed between them, with only the most arcane powers to bring this vision to those acolytes seeking the clarity of the damned.

By shimmering augury of bleakest wreak and warped bone, do Spectral Shadows of the Forgotten Castle loom over those villages under its dominion. A truly evocative incantation of bifurcation brilliance, Wampyric Rites takes the first side of this incantation, wielding an intromancy spell of dungeon synth sorcery to contrast against its trademark terror of emaciated raw revenant black metal, melodies of the morbid as addictive as those possessed by the carnal compulsion for lifeblood. Funeral Fullmoon marches procession of mournful journey, a lonely path of raw melancholic black metal scattered with the remains of eldritch deceased, depressive sorrow gripping the soul with hypnosis of harsh melodics and ravishing shrieks, the outromancy spell of dungeon synth sorcery bringing an end to the daylight.

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